Paid by hotgifts4you SUPER FAST!!!

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18-03-2007 12:08:42

I submitted for approval on Friday and was paid on Saturday!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??? That's the fastest payout ever!! AND he just launched a new tech.hotgifts4you site. WOOHOO!!! Can't wait to finish that one and get my awesome boyfriend a GPS!! So if anyone wants to start this awesome site, you know where to look lol

And I can't praise admin on this site enough!! He's the nicest guy and always online and quick to answer questions and so incredibly helpful. I'm looking forward to more sites to come out!!!


18-03-2007 12:43:45

Congrats! I just started their tech site and can't wait to finish it.


18-03-2007 16:12:55

Congrats )

sandra habina

22-03-2007 03:03:01

Yes Congrats I love Parth82390 and his sites. He is awesome.

I am going for another prize with Hotgifts4you and Tech. Yeah


23-03-2007 00:31:55

Glad to hear some good things about his sites as I was planning on starting on them soon myself ^^


23-03-2007 10:56:57

Congrats! I just started one of their sites - keep hearing nothing but good about them. )


23-03-2007 18:35:14