$1270 in Cash, 1 Wii, 2 Wii games since joining FIPG

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14-03-2007 21:07:15

Thanks to FIPG((and a little help from referralswapper....but not much) I have been able to get these payments....(I'm listing them all in one post because they are all recent)....

$225 from wii.clickperks.com
$350 from xbox360.clickperks.com
$225 from ipodnanos.clickperks.com
$120 from Zeropricetags
$350 from gifts.getstuff4free.org

Twilight Princess from perkpoints.clickperks.com

And last but not least I just got approved for a Wii Gold bundle from TRAINN.

Thanks for the help guys!


14-03-2007 23:19:12

Congrats man! Hopefully I can be that succesfull soon =/


15-03-2007 07:36:37

zero price tags keeps showing up...nice work


15-03-2007 13:44:15

Congrats )