$2500 from BigWin.com! [In place of Brazza Arch Pool Table]

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14-03-2007 13:32:16

After getting the run-around and being pretty much forced to do a credit card offer (after I had already completed the required 10 offers)...I thought everything was all set. 4 months later I called and was told I would not be getting my "free gift" because the "account review team" had determined that I did not complete the designated number of offers on each page...

I ended up writing a letter to NetBlue, Inc....but failed to receive a response. After 2 months, I filed a complaint with the BBB (NetBlue, Inc. is a member of the BBB...so I was sure they'd play ball). They responded to the complaint within 2 business days, stating that they had attempted to contact me shortly after the letter was received, and again near the end of February. I found no such emails in my GMAIL account. Nonetheless, they offered me the pool table...but, long story short, the NetBlue employee who handled the complaint was great....and I'm getting a $2500 check within 10 days. Cheers!

[This still doesn't mean I'm back on the freebie scene...I'm simply tying up loose ends! ConsumerGain...you're next!]


14-03-2007 13:42:14

I would have taken the pool table!! But congrats on that large sum of money


14-03-2007 13:42:26

I'm glad that you were able to get that all worked out, albeit the work required was insane! Congrats on the huge prize, though. )


14-03-2007 14:29:26

Congrats man!!