Got paid!!!!! $400 paypal from GetStuff4Freee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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14-03-2007 08:04:41

Yes i got paid from GetStuff4Free!!!!!!!!! Waking up this morning and seeing this payment on my paypal made my morning thx guy i found another legit network and i'm looking forward completing more sites for you guys!!!

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14-03-2007 08:19:32

Just registered for this site this morning and im exploring arund...sounds like one of the best payouts i have come across, congrats!


14-03-2007 08:25:07

Yes i always like to go for big payouts D wait till tomorw 8)


14-03-2007 08:40:13

congrats gmario. how long was the approval process?


14-03-2007 08:44:31

Their approval time is 5-10 days but i didn't mind since they seem like a legit network, unlike some other networks out there that look for any bs and hold off payments wink