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10-03-2007 21:40:51

No other site offers $40 per ref at a low ref cash out... most are 3 for $100 but not FREEBIEMONSTER, i got the full $120 for only 3 refs....

I can not stress how great their customer support is. These guys are ALWAYS on AIM to help out or answer questions when needed. And i dont think older traders realize that this network has different offers than most that poeple that have exhausted themselves on offers can actually do offers on their sites. THANKS AGAIN Kyle and Dinis

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10-03-2007 21:44:49

For only being around for a week, that's pretty good to see!

Congrats on your payout )!


10-03-2007 21:55:12

wowee 2 payouts in 3 days WTG!!
i'm gonna get a move on with my 2 monster sites )


10-03-2007 22:05:31

Word up thats tight man, Wait till you guys see my payout 8)