got paid $480 from Hotgifts4you GREAT SITE!!!!!!

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sandra habina

07-03-2007 15:50:25

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Thank you for the fast payment on Hotgifts4you. I appreciate it and recommend other users to give the site a shot. You can even sign up under me because I am going for ANOTHER GIFT.

Parth82390 is fantastic and true to his word. D


07-03-2007 15:52:29

I haven't completed his site myself, but if he is as good a site manager as he is a trader, I have no doubt in his abilities.

Nice payout!


07-03-2007 16:02:22

Congrats on the payment, sandra!


07-03-2007 16:05:56

how many reffs was that? $480 is something i would like to go for 8) if not even more


07-03-2007 16:13:26

$480 is 12 refs