$1000 recieved from GiftMonkey (Offer Centric)

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02-03-2007 10:05:23

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[size=18203394ce0b]Only took me about 2 weeks to to get it also D[/size203394ce0b]


02-03-2007 10:27:57

congrads D when do they ship usually?


02-03-2007 15:29:53

how many referrals was that?

I've always been wary of OC


02-03-2007 15:31:01

Thas right bro! you learn from the best lol im about to hit $4000 this week from giftmonkey, and so far im almost done with another $1500 8)


02-03-2007 16:48:27

[quotee58ff9b8fe="condra"]congrads D when do they ship usually?[/quotee58ff9b8fe]

They usually ship on every Thursday/Friday. I received my payment around 830 A.M CST on Friday.

[quotee58ff9b8fe="nytrate"]how many referrals was that?

I've always been wary of OC[/quotee58ff9b8fe]

GiftMonkey is point based, but it took 36 points for that. Paid people about $11 each, so around $400 to receive $1000. Also, it took about 25 people or so to get those 36 points, but like 10 people didn't get any points.