Primo does exactly what they say they will! Check it out!!!

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23-02-2007 17:12:35

I got this on the 15th just as promised but I was out of town and just got around to posting it today. This is payout for two of their sites. Primo is a great site.

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23-02-2007 17:18:51

You've received a ton of things recently. Awesome work!


23-02-2007 17:27:24

Thanks! Been laid off from work so I've had time on my hands!


23-02-2007 17:30:15

my god harley sure did you jump into freebies and doing very well!!!


23-02-2007 17:42:30

Oh Yeah, I went full force with it!!! I hit a couple snags (our trade .... and some others that didn't credit) but for the most part, it's been very enjoyable and lucrative.