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23-02-2007 12:13:18

I have a huge down-line of refs there and they have so many dang offers that it is easy for someone to even get 1k! Well, last night I finished and I am like can I do something to get this next day? The owner promptly responded and said "Do not worry about it, we just shipped you xbox 360 hd add-on via next day." ) So yeah here it is! Freeincentives ftw!

http/" alt=""/"164/5383/photo22ir2.jpg[" alt=""/imgea2aa7368d]

EDIT PM me if you are interested in becoming another one of my 50 refs. wink


23-02-2007 12:14:10

very cool congrads D


23-02-2007 12:21:01

dude you got ripped off! that's the backwards DVD player, it doesn't read DVD is makes then D

J/k. but congrats ^_^
(translate it)--> etis taht rof og thgim I teews ytterp skool ti


23-02-2007 12:26:10

i used my macbook pro to take the pic, and for some reason it came out backwards. Oh well.


23-02-2007 12:42:29


i've thought about getting the add-on, but i don't watch enough movies to justify buying it.