TSJ's scruffy good looks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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22-02-2007 20:11:08

I'm such an idiot, really. Please ignore everything I post. Oh, and don't forget to punch me in the face.


22-02-2007 20:19:58



22-02-2007 20:23:13

I'm just waiting for the ban hammer to fall on this one ...


22-02-2007 20:40:58

funny for having it in the brag bag section = +1 point

Pornographic material crapping up our nice forums = -1000000000000^2

Incoming ban hammer!! D

PS) I've seen better.


22-02-2007 22:39:34

Only one person on this forum received my scruffy good looks and it wasn't Harry.

Also Harry, if you can still read this, send me an e-mail and I'll refund you the $5 you sent me. I'm not sure who you are but I vaguely remember owing someone $5 for a failed GC purchase attempt.