Another $300 from giftxtent network

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20-02-2007 18:58:46

Well what do you know , giftxtent is just amazing , once again approved in 10 minutes and received payment the next day. Everyone definetly needs to do this network , nothing but great feedback from me.Doesn't get any better!
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20-02-2007 19:13:41


How often does he do payouts now?


20-02-2007 20:31:28

Nice Job


21-02-2007 09:30:58

How do you get approved so fast? It seems like it's taking forever for my referrals to go green.


22-02-2007 21:03:38

Congrats and thanks for the post. hope you post your next payment soon. I see you are one referrals away.


How often does he do payouts now?[/quoted36db927d8]

Payout is made within 5 days of finishing the site. It is almost always same day payment but to be safe I say 5 days.