$33 and a MIDI to USB cable from YGF!!!

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15-02-2007 13:05:25

You all know what PayPal looks like...but here's my MIDI cable! Yayayay.

http/" alt=""/img211.imageshack.us/img="211/3138/image029ff3.jpg[" alt=""/img246cbc8f6a]


15-02-2007 13:08:36

Congrats foafy on getting that midi cable .....


15-02-2007 13:13:43

yes, that looks like a swell midi cable you got there .....


15-02-2007 14:10:25



15-02-2007 18:08:25

Grats! I see your kitty calendar! Any reason why it's a week behind? D


15-02-2007 18:12:20

Ahahah. Yup. I'm too lazy to change it. It's not like I can just flip a page...I gotta take the page out and put it behind the other ones. P

Too much work! How did you know that was a kitty calender by the way? P


15-02-2007 18:36:16

My brother has a cat and I played with her often enough to know what a kitty ear looks like. Check your avy as well. )


15-02-2007 18:38:59

Eheheheh. D

+ There's "Computer Shopper" and Netflix on my desk. Plus my uber sexy monitor. D

I'll update my calendar tomorrow and take a picture of it just for the hell of it, rofl.


15-02-2007 18:41:43

I could use one of those cables. )


15-02-2007 18:46:53

Yup. Cable works great, but the software it came with, made by Turtle Beach (who makes my sound card), is pretty, well, weird. Like it works, but I didn't use it. It was such a pain to install my Yamaha YPR-50. I downloaded the drivers, and had to MANUALLY install them. But in any case...that's just for my keyboard. Windows recognized the cable even without its drivers being installed.


15-02-2007 19:26:28

[quote9b85ecd5e5="Tholek"]I could use one of those cables. )[/quote9b85ecd5e5]


Oh, you know what Im going to say..