$260 From WhyPayItsFree!!

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=52185


23-01-2007 11:23:43

Damn this network is good!

Customer support is pretty much instant, on the forum as well as on the site, hundreds of offers to choose from, good payout ratio and amazingly fast turnaround times.

Last night I got my last green, today I placed my order, he verified my greens and within 2 minutes of me placing my order, I had the cash in my account. D

I'm definitely finishing the rest of his sites, so let me know if you're interested in doing any of them.

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23-01-2007 11:25:05

congrats tsj, i dont think that ive seen you have anyhting in here for awhile now.


23-01-2007 11:30:04

Congrats TSJ!


23-01-2007 11:30:21

Yeah it's been over a month since my GiftMonkey brag. D


23-01-2007 12:10:19

By The Way, You can do the same site again and again. Please open a support ticket or PM me & I'll reset your account.


23-01-2007 12:22:57

awesome, now please pay me the paypal and complete and close our thread, thanks....


23-01-2007 16:39:18

[quotee927bb2222="topbillin1"]awesome, now please pay me the paypal and complete and close our thread, thanks....[/quotee927bb2222]

You're welcome, but this isn't the site you did for me, so instead of being rude and impatient you should try being lovely and patient.


23-01-2007 16:43:49

check your pm.