I Got My Nintendo Wii from Trainn

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23-01-2007 10:52:03

Order Placed October 30, 2006
Shipped January 19, 2007
Recieved January 23, 2007

I ordered the Plantinum bundle, which should be Two Games and One Extra Controller. But, what I got was one game and a Wiimote (Don't know if that is indeed the extra controller because there is no nunchuck). Contacted Trainn, awaiting for a reply from them. Here is the pic!!!

UPDATED 1/24/2007
Tony Hawk (the other game) i got today!!!! According the Alan, the extra controller is the Wii Remote, the nunchuck is seperate!!

[b958f17bc99]THANKS TRAINN[/b958f17bc99][/color958f17bc99]

http//i15.photobucket.com/albums/a386/mpbolly/NintendoWii.jpg[" alt=""/img958f17bc99]


23-01-2007 10:53:30


I remember that you were my referral but you never went green for me until well after I was done with the site (


23-01-2007 16:35:02

where did the Wii come from? Directly from Trainn or Amazon?


23-01-2007 17:17:34

Congrats...i can't wait till i get all my referrals for that thing!!!


23-01-2007 22:21:32

sweet. I can't wait to get mine


24-01-2007 06:18:21

awesome, enjoy your new Nintendo Wii


24-01-2007 08:05:50

[quoteca6ccb9fe7="kidd2108"]where did the Wii come from? Directly from Trainn or Amazon?[/quoteca6ccb9fe7]

well, according to the box, from Trainn.


24-01-2007 14:29:17

DUDE NICE!!!! I plan to get a wii as well!

What games will you get with it?


24-01-2007 14:43:33

Congrats...I wonder if they have more Wii's in stock....I'm looking to snag one, even though I took cash at wii.123stuffForFree....Seemed like Trainn had quicker access to the Wii...