Piece Of _______ Giftfiesta Payed finally (500.00)

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20-01-2007 13:49:19

So yeah, took about 2-3 months just to get approved.... did the Ps3 Site and wanted a Ps3... nothing else.... So what do i get after waitiong 3 months to just get approved and 1 month for shipping.... i get a check for 500.00

if i wanted 500.00 i would have done a site and got 12 refs and gotten 575.00 or more.... but what ever. this netowrk i thought was a scam and was a bad experience

Some brag huh


21-01-2007 01:51:11

At least you got paid finally.. lol =\\

it won't happend to you with me )
best of luck in the near future my friend!


21-01-2007 04:14:07

Thank you


21-01-2007 06:56:20

your welcome )