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19-01-2007 22:35:51

It's just SO EASY to get paid by yourgiftsfree! He just keeps giving me paypal after paypal.

I have earned

-$30 from games.yourgiftsfree
-$100 from giftcards.yourgiftsfree
-$100 from nocreditcard.yourgiftsfree
-$560 from lcds.yourgiftsfree !!!

That makes the total $790. Not to mention that I am working on 4 more YGF sites! I'm going for a total of $2937 ($599 from gaming, plasmas1, and sidekick3, and $350 from nocreditcard) , just from THIS NETWORK!

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19-01-2007 22:46:47

Good to see how so many people are getting paid a huge bunch by YGF today. Was worried for a bit there that I might not get paid but evidently that was just an isolated problem between Parth and YGF. Hot damn though... these PayPal fees blow pretty bad... Congrats btw!


19-01-2007 22:59:47

Ignore that situation.. 1 out of MANY MANY MANY people here say they got scammed. Why would YGF scam?

You will get paid by YGF if you are legit. I am sure of it!


19-01-2007 23:30:10

How do you guys get so many referrals so fast? Its taking me FOREVER to finish sites!


19-01-2007 23:49:05

congra. b/c ur doing a site that everyone already did you a new site not a stale one


20-01-2007 05:23:04

I've only completed 1 YGF site but they seem to be the best to me. They just love giving away money!


20-01-2007 07:41:02

Congrats! Yea it was just an issue between me and parth, and he decided to post. It np.

Yea, I love giving money away and making users happy! I have surprises for you guys in febuary. I am SURE you will ALL love it.


20-01-2007 07:41:07

[quote2c7fde9379="freaky1718"]b/c ur doing a site that everyone already did you a new site not a stale one[/quote2c7fde9379]

That's only true to a certain point.

The main problem is that people DO keep promoting the "same" sites to the SAME people all the time. If one does that then it WILL get "stale" and you WILL need to promote newer sites all the time.

BUT ... The key is to try and keep promoting to "new" people that might have an interest. There's LOTS of people out there on the Net that might be interested. You just have to find and use different ways to find them.

I learned that lesson over the years as an affiliate marketer. It just takes some time.

FWIW ...

Rick aka CorpRebel 8)


20-01-2007 10:41:18

once again... YGF keep up the good work!
good job guys! )