$200 PayPal from FreeIncentives

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08-01-2007 11:59:20

What a great site to help me get back in the game. Did most of my offers in Friday and some on Saturday. Already got paid!

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unknown uchiha

08-01-2007 15:16:56

Nice skin, what is it? Did you use Shapeshifter?


08-01-2007 16:46:50

Yes, and I am going to do more offers this week and hopefully be able to get a new mac (if they are released at MacWorld tomorrow).

unknown uchiha

08-01-2007 23:41:30

That's cool. So I guess you paid for Shapeshifter. I'm too cheap to do so =/


09-01-2007 05:10:46

Wow. That's fast! Congrats.


10-01-2007 22:55:59

i can tell your mac is nice. kudos


11-01-2007 20:47:07

what site is this?

unknown uchiha

11-01-2007 22:54:39

If you read the title, it says FreeIncentives.


13-01-2007 09:17:44

COOL ! that was neat! )