got paid 900

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07-01-2007 10:42:20

got paid from $900, fast crediting

unknown uchiha

07-01-2007 23:42:31

Congrats. Pics?

Also, timeline

Date submitted for approval, date approved, date ordered/shipped =]


08-01-2007 05:08:04

I ordered $200 yesterday. Hopefully I get paid soon. They credit incredibly fast (9 out of 11 offers same day) Congrats!


13-01-2007 13:14:18

This site is awesome, not only is customer support great, the crediting on offers is insanely quick and the money comes in less than 3 weeks! This is the best site.

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13-01-2007 18:18:37

i completed the offers one day, by the next they were approved, then 8 days after ordering i recieved my payment i recieved on the 19th of december so you can base the actual dates on that

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