Got A Bunch Of Stuff From RN, Most Recent 2gb Mem stick!!

Live forum:


06-01-2007 16:52:52

http//[" alt=""/img0f840a09b9] -PSP Value Pack
[img="0f840a09b9]http//[" alt=""/img0f840a09b9] -2gb Memory Stick (to lazy to put actually pic)
[img="0f840a09b9]http//[" alt=""/img0f840a09b9] -Battlefield 1942

Tons Of Cash...Around $300 or so...

Thats all I can think of...

And all those items brings the customs fee's (I hate those bastards) to around... $50!! God their so stupid, tax $10 handling fee is $8.00!!

Anyways I love RN!! (RewardzNetwork)[/list]

PS [img="0f840a09b9]http//[" alt=""/img0f840a09b9] When I saw the fee's for customs (Had to put the owl in)