Ideal Delivers a Laptop and an Ipod! Luvin dem!

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Captain All That

02-01-2007 08:48:58

I normally don't post all my brag bag stuff because... well..There are a lot of Trolls... however I wanted to give props to Molly from Ideal and James from Ideal because they have been a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other reps we've dealt with...

They delivered again...

805 AM... there's a knock at my door. Grumpy Wife wakes up and I hear a brief conversation... and then... "Captain, your packages have arrived."

I shifted my eyes to the left and the right...those Girls Gone Wild Videos were supposed to go the P.O. Box...Damnit!

I get out of bed to find two boxes... One contains a Silver Ipod Nano, 2GB,
The other contains a Toshiba Tecra A6 configured as pictured here on New Egg...


As for actual pics... My 2 year old mistook my camera for a rock and threw it... I gots no pics... BUT I GOT A LAPPY AND AN IPOD BABY! Who's yo Daddy!

Info <<<----Domain now expired.

Laptop for 6 offers+1 Referral

Signed up Mid September
Did Offers and approved by the end of October
Processed Mid November
Received beginning of Jan

I was joking about the GGW videos... and the P.O. Box...but that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Pimp on.


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02-01-2007 13:28:40

there is no shame in getting the GGW videos...


02-01-2007 13:31:32

[quote10bf0c4dd5="chewy"]there is no shame in getting the GGW videos...[/quote10bf0c4dd5]

There is, if you find you [i10bf0c4dd5]need[/i10bf0c4dd5] to use an acronym. ;)


02-01-2007 13:35:40

haha, it seems like the guy in your avatar would have a stack of em


02-01-2007 13:47:40

[quoteb809e30995="chewy"]haha, it seems like the guy in your avatar would have a stack of em[/quoteb809e30995]
or a stack of guys gone wild


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02-01-2007 14:02:44

That's the joke I was maki....oh forget it.