2 hd dvd players for xbox 360!!

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01-01-2007 21:46:45

Not from a free site though. This store had an ad in the paper for an xbox 360 hd dvd player for $100. They retail for $200. I had best buy price match it and then walmart price matched best buy. So I got 2 of them for $100 each. D


01-01-2007 22:01:19

I saw that ad, that must have been crazy. I know the Walmart here would have never price matched it. Congrats, if you are looking to sell one let me know.


01-01-2007 22:06:52

What store had the ad? I just got an HDTV for christmas and would def buy one for $100 but $200 is just too much


01-01-2007 22:13:31

Here's the article I saw



02-01-2007 00:34:53

Yeah thats the article I got it from. I had to goto a lot of different stores though cause a lot wouldn't do a price match. I'll probably be selling them on ebay so i'll let you guys know.


02-01-2007 08:52:54

Have you tried one of these HD DVD players on a computer running Windows Vista? According to XS, the HD DVD player is supported by Windows Vista by default.


02-01-2007 16:50:58

best buy wouldnt match the price for me. I am in south florida.


02-01-2007 20:23:46

no i havent tried it with a vista pc. i live like an hour from LA so it wasent hard for me to get a price match.


04-01-2007 18:49:31

is Vista even released yet?


04-01-2007 18:53:06

Sorta. The evaluation version is which I hear is no different that the on that will be released at the end of the month.