2nd time paid in 2 days, 3rd time total from GETSTUFF4FREE

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30-12-2006 23:37:24

Yep $580 total now in only a couple weeks. Details here on latest


Getstuff4free Kyle

31-12-2006 01:07:03

[quote06aed64b89="pspparty"]Yep $580 total now in only a couple weeks. Details here on latest


From my time zone, it was the second time in one day P


31-12-2006 09:04:29

Damn, how do you get so many refferals?

Getstuff4free Kyle

31-12-2006 09:15:27

[quote51d6b33eb7="Tsmith10803"]Damn, how do you get so many refferals?[/quote51d6b33eb7]

he offers things best not discussed in public.

Just kidding - actually it's sometimes easier to get refs for new sites because so few people have done them.


31-12-2006 11:01:04

LOL, Well first i took advantage of the promo's to all of his sites so i need one less ref to complete. Then like Kyle said, its easier to find people who havent done his sites cause its a newer network. Mostly offering Paypal to complete. But His sites have soooo many offers so its easy to find one you havent done PLUS you can do no cc offers to green so that opens up a large group of people to use for refs ( those with no cc ).