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26-12-2006 10:06:39

Well, over the summer, in early July, I did the offer entertainment book on gadgetcity.com. I forgot about it, and signed back in in late october when somebody posted a brag bag thread about it. Well, the offer had credited, and I sent off my certs for a 512mb Ipod Shuffle.

Well, today, I receive in the mail, a check for 100 dollars!!!
Since the ipod shuffle is only the 1gb 2nd gen now, they just replaced it with a check.
Fusioncash.com pays 9.90 for Entertainment book, Gadgetcity.com, Pays 100 dollars lol
I'm very excited with this.


26-12-2006 10:22:45

It's always cool to get a gift when you're not expecting it. It almost makes me want to forget what I buy. x

I wonder if Gratis would've upgraded you if it had been one of their sites? Once upon a time they were known to give you the benefit of a change.


26-12-2006 12:29:32

Money is great! Especially around Christmas.


26-12-2006 21:34:10

yea, YFdirect and other companies like Nuitech are bigger companies that pay way higher per offer than Fusioncash and ordercash4free among others.