A Skeptic turned believer...Brag/Review of YourGiftsFree.com

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23-12-2006 23:10:39

Dear members of FIGF.com,

I'll tell it to you straight, I didn't believe that you could actually get free stuff , period. To me, it was all one giant scam waiting to happen, but I'll admit it, curiosity got the better of me. I did some research which brought me to the company Freepay.com undoubtedly one of the better known freebie websites what with major news sources like the BBC, NYC Times, Boston Globe and others reporting on it. However, upon digging some more I found the freepay.com had issues with not only with giving credit but also with shipping out items ordered months some times years prior. Well needless to say I was going to give up on this "freebie endeavor" until I found freeipodguide.com and then found out about the various other (seemingly) legit sites out there. Well needless to say I did more research, what sites were best, what offers to stay away from, how to protect myself from getting scammed. I was finally ready to check out the whole freebie scene.

The one site that many people had pointed towards was yourgiftsfree.com I specifically went to the free supplement site because of its low required referral rate (only 1 referral) I was really nervous giving out my personal information but after see soooooooooooooo many people give YGF high marks I decided to take a risk, lets just say the risk paid off. I did the TRUE.com offer which was credited to me instantly and I found a friend willing to do the same, within 2 days of signing up my status went from pending to shipped! I was amazed but I wouldn't count my chickens before their hatched. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that YGF customer support was a live chat via AIM, not with a representative but with the own of YGF, Jake. I had asked him various questions about freebie sites, how they worked, how long his site had been up, threw around a couple of suggestions and generally tested his knowledge. I also made it a point to repeatedly ask questions (which I hope he will forgive me for doing!) just to see if at any point the quality of his service would change, I'm happy to report it didn't. Jake's performance was quite professional, he helped me out in any way that he could, from getting me the tracking number of the package, to helping me with the site, to even emailing the company confirming that the package had been sent when USPS had no record of it in their system @_@! Needless to say he took the time to make sure I was a satisfied customer and for that

Final Grade for Free Supplements from Yourgiftsfree.com A

It was a pleasure doing business with him and I will certainly go to YGF in the future!

Brag Session
Now to tell the truth I was still skeptical even though my status on the site had been changed (like I said before don't count your chickens before they are hatched) but today changed with the arrival of this bad boy

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Now I am a believer! But with me still a newbie to the entire freebie scene I'm still skeptical with certain sights but I have to say that I'm going to continue onward in the pursuit for cool free stuff with cautious optimism.

Also if anyone has any suggestions or tips for a newbie (espically on the best and easiest way of getting referals) then please, do share D

Holy twisted


23-12-2006 23:57:35



24-12-2006 00:03:01

If you have friends who can get you referrals, definitely try out trainn sites. They are $50 a ref, whereas sites like YGF are $40 a ref. Trainn is rated #1 here so it is hard to get refs because everyone has done it.


24-12-2006 00:14:35

YourGiftsFree = Jake?

Learn something new every day.


24-12-2006 07:26:03

Congrats on your first freebie holyvampire32! We are glad you are happy with our service )


24-12-2006 10:11:55

First freebie's always the best. P

Until you get a 42 in plasma. >_>



24-12-2006 10:36:40

Oh, also if youd like send in a testimonial on http//yourgiftsfree.com/index.php?page=testimonials


24-12-2006 11:31:21

[quotee0cb544277]It was a pleasure doing business with him and I will certainly go to YGF in the future!

Congrats man on ur first freebie. If you want to do another ygf site then pm me cus I need some refs.


24-12-2006 13:05:16

[quotedfe89676fc="Daggoth"]YourGiftsFree = Jake?

Learn something new every day.[/quotedfe89676fc]

Not ex-Freepay Jake.


24-12-2006 13:11:36

[quote397e6600ef="KeithA"][quote397e6600ef="Daggoth"]YourGiftsFree = Jake?

Learn something new every day.[/quote397e6600ef]

Not ex-Freepay Jake.[/quote397e6600ef]



24-12-2006 13:22:49

Congrats! Free stuff is always awesome no matter what it is. )

Captain All That

24-12-2006 17:26:25

I think if you read through the testimonial... 1 interesting point was made... The Owner is name Jake.

Now, we all know Freepay used to have a Jake... and We loved Jake. My question is... is this the same JAKE from freepay... because if it is it could explain why the YGF site owner is a fav amongst the peeps here...

If now... this testimonial put me over the edge. I have several friends whom i have helped get thousands from DIY sites... it's time I called in some favors and get a few of the things I've wanted to get.

Great post!


24-12-2006 17:42:39

Heh I could lie and say I am Jake from freepay. Im not. Im just another Jake.


24-12-2006 18:28:09

Shameless request but...+Karma appreciated D if you think I'm deserving of it.

unknown uchiha

24-12-2006 22:12:52

Congratulations =D you'll never forget your first time.

+KMA given


01-01-2007 19:02:50

[quote46ae339e12="unknown uchiha"]Congratulations =D you'll never forget your first time.

+KMA given[/quote46ae339e12]

No doubt... I can still remember getting my video iPod from Trainn. I couldn't sleep that day. Thay had given me the tracking number and I had been checking it several times a day and knew when it would arrive. Sure enough, I woke up early (I couldn't help it)... UPS (if I remember correctly) was running late and I was getting worried. Well, finally I get a knock at the door. My heart stopped... I answered and the UPS lady had a package with the Amazon logo on it... I'll never forget that logo )

unknown uchiha

01-01-2007 20:30:25

I still remember MY 4th Gen iPod from Trainn. At school, sent email asking on tracking status, replied within an HOUR saying that it was JUST DELIVERED. Ran home when school was over to find an iPod sitting on my doorstep (complete with a FREE $15 iTunes GC, back when they gave those out)


02-01-2007 13:52:46

I can't remember my first (
It was either 130 from YGF for a ds lite, or the actual ds lite from games.123stuffforfree. My parents didn't believe me, and right as I was leaving to go for the weekend with my pals upstate, the ds lite came and I ran back in to my parents and was like "HA! I TOLD YOU IT WOULD WORK"


02-01-2007 18:29:10

Speaking of skeptical parents (though this story in no way involves me), I have been talking to a new member of this forum (who also traded refs with me... I wont mention his name), who says his father thought this stuff was a scam. He told him he'd pay him $100 if this was real. Sure enough, Trainn came through and paid him the $250 PayPal for the Wii site and his dad is supposed to be PayPaling him the $100. He's probably done it by now. So $350 in the plus... nice!


02-01-2007 21:03:25

Very nice!

Its not so much that I'm skeptical of the sites but I'm more skeptical of the offers. This makes it really hard for me, becuase it seems like trading offers is the best rought but I'm worried about how LEGIT and SECURE these offers are (I'm working on the 3604free.com site) so if need be (if my friends don't come through) I'm gonna pay people for referrals. I already have an ad up in the trading post.

Any tips for a newbie in order to get referrals, aside from trading and paying for ref's?