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21-12-2006 08:30:31

Just wanted to Post and say I Received my Radar Detector from Myfreecartoys.com !!

I'll post pictures when I get some time to....

Offers crediting well, Order Verified and Shipped within 1-2 days... Not too shabby there Uniprize Media )

This was 3 refs!

Here's a Link to the actual Radar Detector



21-12-2006 12:23:20

congrats, i hope to eventually get a valentine one custom ordered from ygf sometime in the next couple of months.

COngrats again!


21-12-2006 12:39:30


I before E except after C. ;)

UniPrize Media

21-12-2006 12:59:57

Congrats dude!


I before E except after C. ;)[/quote4427d35822]

That always gets me too. Does that rule apply to all words? I tried to think of another word like it but can't come up with one.


21-12-2006 13:07:08

Yup. All words. D

Take the word [if04611dd19]ceiling[/if04611dd19] for example. D

Okay, never mind. There are words that have an exception. D


Read that. ^

UniPrize Media

21-12-2006 14:30:57

There are so many exceptions.