FREEINCENTIVES is shipping me a samsung 40 inch HDTV !!!!!!!

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20-12-2006 17:53:26

WOWOW!!! Finally I will have a sweet TV. What a great week. First college acceptance on my bday then this tv! Freeincentives rocks my socks! 12 pages of offers too!

Here is the tv I am getting!!!



20-12-2006 18:01:18

You don't get to post in the Brag Bag until you get it, especially with DIY's. P But congrats.


20-12-2006 18:09:39

sorry was too excited! Will post pics when i get it!


20-12-2006 18:19:41

12 pages of offers???


20-12-2006 18:52:20

Hell yeah, 12 pages. It is amazing. There all sorts of these weird offers. I signed up for girls gone wild or something as well. Haha.

wutang banga

20-12-2006 19:40:00



20-12-2006 19:51:42

Hmm, how long did it take for all of them to approve and how much did it cost?


21-12-2006 03:51:33

the website is Well I have been doing offers for a couple weeks. I think doing them all in one hit would result in less credits. I think about $250 worth is the approximate amount I spent. They pay weekly if not twice a week or more. Great site IMO. I still have lots of possible offers to do which is great. The best thing is that you can keep cashing out.


21-12-2006 17:00:23

Can you tell me what offers you did?


21-12-2006 18:32:33

Well I am not gonna make a huge list, because there are so many, but i started from page 12. The teeth offers are good like mysmilepro and stuff. Just do any offer that is $8.95 or under and the total adds up big time.

unknown uchiha

21-12-2006 20:26:23

Yeah I made up a list of stuff I could do and with a little less than $60 I could net myself $240 profit ($300-$60)

When you get that HDTV, I'll start doing offers =]


22-12-2006 14:42:23

I'm sorta pissed. Because it won't be the normal UPS or fedex delivery it is scheduled to arrive january 3rd. That pisses me off heh. I wanted to enjoy it for my 1 week vacation. Guess I will enjoy it once school starts. Gah.


29-12-2006 14:27:40

TV CAME!@#@$@$ Gonna take a pic later.


29-12-2006 17:35:56

Hurry up.


29-12-2006 17:40:19

quick pick

http/" alt=""/"179/815/photo19bx7.jpg[" alt=""/img571f7c7104]

Shit, it looks terrible. I will try to take a nicer pic. These cell cams suck.


30-12-2006 07:01:45

Worst pic ever. Do a freebie site and get a digital camera


30-12-2006 12:17:21

[quoteec0c062b3c="O4F-Manofice"]Worst pic ever. Do a freebie site and get a digital camera[/quoteec0c062b3c]

lol srsly.


30-12-2006 14:02:39

srsly I actually am trying to get a camera.


30-12-2006 14:12:48

I got my digi cam today from 123stuffforfree...8 Megapixels )
How's the TV goin?


30-12-2006 17:18:05

The tv is great, I just wish I could find my digital camera so I could do the tv some justice.