$550 from PS34Free.com!!

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12-12-2006 15:29:43

I just got $550 from PS34Free.com

I started the site back in May(I think)
I got my last green yesterday and was approved within an hour or so. And I just got my $550 PayPal Payment! Thanks OC!!


12-12-2006 22:04:04

what owner site is that?

FreeEnterprize Joe

12-12-2006 22:19:08

OC -- Congrats! How many OODs did you have? I had 1 when I did the site back when they launched.


13-12-2006 10:18:10

You sure u got approved in a hour from TRAIIN?


13-12-2006 13:22:25

Its an OfferCentric site...I'm not sure how many OODs I had because I only paid for my last ref....that ref was an OOD.