$250 PayPal received from 2DollarDeal

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08-12-2006 08:51:00

Thanks so much, 2DollarDeal. My greens were all credited very fast, owner was always very polite and very helpful and my account was approved and shipped in [b8d0dd2fa30]3[/b8d0dd2fa30] days! Best of all, she let me get PayPal instead! I'm very impressed with this network and will be doing another site soon. Thanks to all my referrals and 2DD!


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08-12-2006 10:00:53

congrats, i hope to finish the mastercard site soon!

Cant wait!


08-12-2006 10:28:54

Nooo, I got beat XD Wanted to be first, but one of my refs went red. Anyways, congrats dude!