- $260 Visa (Got it!) .............

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04-12-2006 11:25:21

http/" alt=""/"121/3881/rsfreebiesproofxe8.jpg[" alt=""/img2a1df9b101]

Received this 11/22/2006 (all but $40 spent already) ;)


Overall Smooth Experience

Almost forgot to post this. dance


04-12-2006 12:38:31

Wow nice, I haven't heard of them before. How many referrals?

EDIT Found it http//


04-12-2006 19:14:34

congrats how many offers did you decide to do?


05-12-2006 05:35:57

[quote8d5bd72b8e="Buster389"]congrats how many offers did you decide to do?[/quote8d5bd72b8e]

I Just did my 1.0 Credit..... but yeah you can do 2 credits and reduce your referrals needed by 1, or not do any credits and just get 1 more referral.