$560 Money Order from PrimoDinero.com -- WOOT!

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30-11-2006 07:15:36

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I Personally Overall had a Great Experience with this network.......... Looks like I'll have to wait until next year to complete another one of their sites, since I've already received near $600 Fattys from these guys...

Thanks to the Admin, for the AIM support, and understanding. All my offers as well as all my referrals offers crediting quickly without a problem.

I Recieved this Friday, November 24th 2006 - Just havn't had a chance to scan it and post it.



30-11-2006 07:57:30

wow congrats..how many refs?

What did it cost you total?


30-11-2006 10:20:38

[quote7c8963a566="zr2152"]wow congrats..how many refs?

What did it cost you total?[/quote7c8963a566]

8 Referrals .. my cost for offers was like 5-6 bux ....

i did some site4site swaps and paid a few ppl for refs ... so not 100% on total cost ... ;)

Most my referrals were able to do it for like $3-4 bux as well


01-12-2006 01:13:06

i thought primo did paypal


01-12-2006 05:55:39

[quote745fceb8f1="bnorris10"]i thought primo did paypal[/quote745fceb8f1]

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