Prizebook Thanksgiving Cashout!

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22-11-2006 15:40:25

YAY! I got paid tonight, this will make my Black Friday the best! I even have 9 points towards my 15 prizepoints! So if you cashed out under me once and want to cash out again $5 from me to you extra on top of what you make! PM me for details.

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22-11-2006 15:51:50

I got paid too! $34 right into my PayPal account. It was paid in less than 24 hours. shock

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22-11-2006 16:06:03

Congratulations! We've been paying out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but this week due to Thanksgiving, we won't have a cashout this Friday. Next week, we'll be back on schedule!


22-11-2006 21:13:01

Thank you JKirk! You're fueling another cashout for me!