TRAINN : $400 today, $599 last Wednesday...

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22-11-2006 03:51:56

It's been a good week

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Sites where you give $0 in exchange for completed referrals rule.



22-11-2006 09:10:29

...and then your paypal goes on hold... P


22-11-2006 09:57:17

PayPal called me on Saturday when I received the $599 instead of the PS3 and I verified the account was still in my control. They asked if I would be receiving any other payments from TI and I said as early as this week.

I double-dog dare them to put it on hold.



22-11-2006 10:14:42

be careful what you 'dare' for.


22-11-2006 10:17:03

how to do get off hold?


22-11-2006 10:39:36

hmm, I think I was supposed to get paid today but I didn't.

Got this from TRAINN yesterday


Your request has been noted and payment will be issued during our next fulfillment period.

Account Services
Transcendent Innovations
- Show quoted text -

Oh well, I'm sure they'll come through eventually.


22-11-2006 11:01:51

I was never put on hold, the call I received was a courtesy call.

They aren't going to put me on hold.



22-11-2006 16:20:35

Anyways congrats man - just got paid here too.

Still wierd how they called you though, it seems more like something they would do after you spend money rather than receive it.


22-11-2006 17:16:05

HAHAHA you're using America Online. http//[" alt=""/imgfeebc60d1a]

Congrats man. )