Ipod Shuffle from Giftmonkey

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15-11-2006 13:47:54

Yep, got it today, was getting worried because my account never changed from processing to shipped. I submitted my offer on october 30.
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15-11-2006 17:17:35

how many offer


15-11-2006 17:22:24

oooo secksi

unknown uchiha

15-11-2006 17:32:22

4.5 points, so he either did an offer and got refs to do the rest or got all refs.

My university's store has an assload of new iPods. The new Shuffles look hot =D


15-11-2006 17:41:42

where did they buy it from?


15-11-2006 20:42:57

PC Mall.
I actually did both offers myself, I signed up the first day they were up and didn't really understand it. Then when my second offer didn't credit myself, and I had no refs, the OE rep said since I signed up before they clarified how the site worked in their TOS that I could get both credits )

unknown uchiha

15-11-2006 20:47:04

My DS Lite from them also came from PC Mall =D Congrats.


15-11-2006 21:11:40

How long from when you placed your order?

I just ordered $225 paypal today. )


16-11-2006 14:59:53

congratulations on your iPod Shuffle from Giftmonkey


16-11-2006 17:53:47

Got my 2GB Nano today - had to go pick it up at UPS. Was sent from PCmall. Status still shows processing on Gift Monkey


16-11-2006 19:04:55

my order history dissapeared..is this a bad thing!??!


16-11-2006 19:28:26

Nice, congrats!


16-11-2006 21:35:14

Yea, mine is still 'processing' as well ?
Even after I've resold it lol