Wanted: Trainn Proof Pictures

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11-11-2006 15:18:06

So I'm making a come one site yadda yadda yadda and it looks pretty good. All I need now is a few proof pictures. I wanted some screen shots of account statuses saying shipped paypal receipts and pictures of gifts.

If you give me a pic you can have a wii, 360games, nano, flatscreens or desktoppcs ref link on the site.

Oh an so I'm not littering this forum freepay finally got me my xbox 360 but when i got it the AV cable was dead. I went to radio shack and got a replacement. Now its all good.


11-11-2006 15:43:38

You can just search through the threads and get some


11-11-2006 15:49:46

I want permission though


11-11-2006 15:50:57

can you really be held responsible if none of the pictures are copyright


11-11-2006 15:57:20

And they're posting the pictures anyways so they aren't going to care


11-11-2006 16:08:00

you can't tell me you wouldn't be angry if you came across some site where a guys getting refs only to see your proof pic


11-11-2006 16:22:05

I remember a few people were mad about someone using their proof pictures on an ebay auction.

It's best to just be safe and have their permission.


11-11-2006 16:26:57

Just search through the old brag bag threads and pm the people for permission


11-11-2006 16:33:07


i got a lot more newer ones but i'm too lazy...

here's another

http/" alt=""/img83.imageshack.us/img="83/7167/untitledys6.jpg[" alt=""/img2cc90b0212]


11-11-2006 16:39:22



11-11-2006 17:02:08

Here's one from FlashiPods I should have one from DVDRecorders4Free in a week or so.

[imgc073805d4b]http/" alt=""/img177.imageshack.us/img="177/3562/trainnpaymentge9.th.jpg[" alt=""/imgc073805d4b][=http//img="177.imageshack.us/my.php?image=trainnpaymentge9.jpg][imgc073805d4b]http/" alt=""/img177.imageshack.us/img="177/3562/trainnpaymentge9.th.jpg[" alt=""/imgc073805d4b]


11-11-2006 17:26:19

thats enough now I guess if you guys or anyone else want your ref link up for the sites I mentioned just drop me a PM


11-11-2006 21:10:08

hey, I know you said it was enough, but in the first one, you said you wanted the 'shipped' thingy, here's that
http/" alt=""/img99.imageshack.us/img="99/992/screenshot016gi0.jpg[" alt=""/img7b16f891f1]
[img="7b16f891f1]http/" alt=""/img241.imageshack.us/img="241/3580/screenshot017jf7.jpg[" alt=""/img7b16f891f1]
and if you look at the dates, I got paid the day after I ordered 8)