$400 GC from Freepay Flatscreens

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09-11-2006 11:29:00

Just arrived via e-mail. I started this site almost 2 years ago it seems like. Got my 8 greens just before the first 90 day expiration on 5/30. Went approved/ordered on 6/23, then went STV in September with an Estimated Ship Date of 9/23... LOL.

So I sent a ticket a week or two ago complaining about both the delay and the significantly reduced value of the monitor compared to when I completed the site, and they replied a couple days ago that I'd get the $400 cert in a day or two. Wow, they actually kept their word this time! )

Nearly 2 years (at least 1.5) from signup, and nearly 6 months from order to receipt.

http//www.morrisonline.us/pics/freebies/FlatscreensGC.png[" alt=""/img6eaf3e2639]


09-11-2006 11:31:56

Congratulations. I wonder if that's the longest wait ever. ^_^


09-11-2006 13:50:18

Did you ask for it? I had to email them and ask to get my $400 GC instead of a flatscreen.


09-11-2006 17:38:42

[quote1459c0e2e8="J4320"]Did you ask for it? I had to email them and ask to get my $400 GC instead of a flatscreen.[/quote1459c0e2e8]
Kinda of. As I mentioned, when I sent the CS ticket, I expressed my concern not only about the shipping delay, but about the fact that my 8-ref $400-value prize was now worth about $250. I pointedly asked if they intended to upgrade to a $400 monitor, or if they could just send a GC which I would be happy to accept. ) Don't know if they were intending to send the GC anyway or not. I see that somebody else today posted receiving a $400 GC from flatscreens too, so maybe they were going to do it with everyone.


09-11-2006 17:48:36

Oh I see. Well congrats on that. I know I used my $400 GC well. )


10-11-2006 06:04:43

What are you going to buy? What are you going to buy????? D


10-11-2006 06:30:01

[quote68b0368995="Twon"]What are you going to buy? What are you going to buy????? D[/quote68b0368995]
I already redeemed the SuperCert for $400 in Amazon GC's. Looks like I'll be ordering the Acer 1916AB LCD plus a green 4GB Nano 2G for my daughter for Xmas (then pass her 1st Gen Nano to the wife who's been wanting one but won't let me buy her one). I'm thinking about doing the AudibleListener promotion for a year which will give me another $100 off the Nano. I'm sure I'll find a little something else to spend the rest on. )