Papa johns sizzling summer promotion gift received

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05-11-2006 10:16:02

i received my 20$ circuit city gift card today from papa johns sizzling summer promotion. i would post a pic but all of u know wat a giftcard looks like.


05-11-2006 10:57:28

How did it come? I'm supposed to receive one.


05-11-2006 13:21:37

[quote2094878330="UberVash"]How did it come? I'm supposed to receive one.[/quote2094878330]

Pony express.


05-11-2006 21:58:09

Yeah, I also got my Circuit City gift card last week. Came in a simple envelope with a congratulatory letter.

Too bad we didn't have many good options to chose from. But hell, it was free...