XBOX 360 received from FREEPAY!

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02-11-2006 12:04:00

I started this site in March. It was my first freebie site. After having 3 refs DQ'ed and having to start the process all over again of approval, etc, it finally came. Note that my estimated ship date was 11/21/06. Thanks Freepay for pulling through!

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02-11-2006 12:50:25

Congrats!!! Whats going to be your first game?


02-11-2006 13:26:35

Most likely Madden...but recommend some good ones!


02-11-2006 13:49:40


I also got my 360 from FreePay today. Just wondering, do you know if they take returns? It was ordered from my local Best Buy. I have the receipt and its for $500 CAD. I would rather take the money instead.


02-11-2006 14:06:07

[quoteda7e2a7064="burritopunk"]Most likely Madden...but recommend some good ones![/quoteda7e2a7064]

Splinter Cell Double Agent

Gears of War is coming out on the 7th I think. I'm not into sports games at all - I like action/violent games. D


02-11-2006 14:17:06

nhl 07

Im not a hockey fan but this game is so fun.


02-11-2006 14:29:35

I feel special. I was his last referral. I saved him on the last day he had. D Congrats! And that was in little more than a month it took for him to get it!