I won $80 from www.moola.com

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=47916


01-11-2006 21:00:19

if i knew how i would scan a pic of the check. you dont need any money to play since its all paid for by advertisers. I have 6 invites. if anyone wants one pm me your e-mail.


01-11-2006 21:28:28

wow sweet, I got $10 from them.


02-11-2006 13:17:59

yeah I got 20 from them but I figured it wasn't really worth it. Sounds like you did pretty good though


02-11-2006 17:32:45

moola makes me angry.

unknown uchiha

02-11-2006 17:53:01

[quote608eda0dce="shortys408"]moola makes me angry.[/quote608eda0dce]

Yeah! I know huh.


03-11-2006 23:44:02

the trick to it is you play no more that 30 min a day and dont get angry )


04-11-2006 18:10:22

Nice, I got a $10 check from them a couple weeks ago. Haven't really played much since I cashed that out though.