$200 (+$30 Bonus) Wii.FreeEnterprize.com! THANKS JOE!

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31-10-2006 19:45:05

This was payment for completing Wii.FreeEnterprize.com I signed up unreferred, did 1 Full Credit offer, with his Promotion That got me an Extra Referral, I found 4 more referrals on Referral Swapper and all but 1 had instant crediting offers .... that one took only 2-3 days for the credit to come in ... All in All -- Great Experience, very good Customer Support.

Keep up the Good Work Joe!

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Signedup Unreferred on 10/25/2006

Did Two 1/2 Credit Offers (both credited within 15 minutes)

Got Credited with my Extra Referral (From Promo) about 10 minutes later.

One Referral Signed up and Greened within Minutes on 10/25/2006

Two more Quick/Instant greens on 10/26/2006

on 10/27/2006 my last referral signed up and did two 1/2 credit offers, one credited instantly .. the other said 2-3 days ... on the 4th day his credit came in

Order Placed 430PM EST..... Today 10/31/06

Paid with $30 BONUS for being first Order at 1015PM EST Today

Not too shabby eh? ;)


31-10-2006 20:01:36

wow thats really really fast

FreeEnterprize Joe

01-11-2006 19:47:52

Congrats! Good luck on the next site!

Free Enterprize