Big brag bag. 2x DS Lite, $100 GC, and more.

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unknown uchiha

30-10-2006 15:31:19

On Friday, I got a few packages

1. Onyx Black DS Lite from 100.Free4Every1
http/" alt=""/"97/4381/photo1yn2.jpg[" alt=""/img340e977afc]

[img="340e977afc]http/" alt=""/"97/1717/photo5us0.jpg[" alt=""/img340e977afc]

2. Supercard Lite (black) and SuperKey for Nintendo DS Lite (Purchased with the $100 Visa Gift Card that I received from YF Direct's DIY site, 1 offer)

[img="340e977afc]http/" alt=""/"97/7541/photo6rn9.jpg[" alt=""/img340e977afc]

[img="340e977afc]http/" alt=""/"97/2279/photo2sk8.jpg[" alt=""/img340e977afc]

3. Polar White DS Lite from GiftMonkey (Thanks Green Laserz and JordanE for going green)

[img="340e977afc]http/" alt=""/"97/7987/photo3mg6.jpg[" alt=""/img340e977afc]

Overall, money spent

$60 (100.F4E1)
$36 (GiftMonkey)
$1 (YourGiftCards)
TOTAL $97.00
Profit $130 + $130 + 100 = $330 - $97 = [b340e977afc]$233[/b340e977afc]


30-10-2006 15:34:50

YGC = $1!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! !!!!! HOW'D YOU DO IT!?!?!? $99 profit O.O


30-10-2006 15:35:35


unknown uchiha

30-10-2006 15:37:00

[quote4dac0cb8df="DIABLO"]YGC = $1!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! !!!!! HOW'D YOU DO IT!?!?!? $99 profit O.O[/quote4dac0cb8df]

Back when it was 1 offer. I did one of those $1 trials.


30-10-2006 18:27:17

Congrats, what can a modded ds lite do? I might keep mine if I'm convinced....

unknown uchiha

30-10-2006 18:41:07

It's not "modded", I just have a flash cartridge and a passkey in it so it'll boot up DS ROMs.

If I wanted to, I could put a Movie/MP3/eBook Player/Reader on there among other things. There's a beta web browser for it already and some people already managed to run Linux on it.


01-11-2006 14:55:12

how many refs and ood on the offercentric ds lite site?

unknown uchiha

01-11-2006 15:28:48

GiftMonkey is a points-based referral site. Kinda complicated, look it up. Two refs did 3 points each for me, I didn't do a single offer. I ended up spending about $36 total on the GiftMonkey DS Lite (one ref was a trade, I did a $1 offer for him, and another was a $35 straight up payment)


01-11-2006 16:19:45

what was the giftmonkey timeline? (I placed my order 2 days ago)

unknown uchiha

01-11-2006 21:58:21

One week for refs, instant approval, one week to ship, one week to receive. Three weeks.