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24-10-2006 21:56:18

thank you! I get home and what do i see! my psp shipped from amazon w00t

2 weeks to get refs instant credits!
Approval in less than 1 day!
Ordered on October 22.
Received October 24

Awesomeeeeeeeee w00t

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unknown uchiha

24-10-2006 22:35:13

Congrats! Good job, is it the Core Pack or Entertainment Pack?


24-10-2006 22:43:12

[quotecc7258f56e="unknown uchiha"]Congrats! Good job, is it the Core Pack or Entertainment Pack?[/quotecc7258f56e]

i was wondering where the other stuff was at, yea its the core pack lol. The psp value pack i received from freepay a long time ago had more stuff.

unknown uchiha

25-10-2006 02:01:29

The Value Pack is now gone. They replaced it with the Entertainment Pack, which comes with everything the Core does and a 1GB MS Pro Duo, a copy of ATV Offroad Fury (2?) and Lords of Dogtown (movie). $250, too. Makes people want to kick themselves for buying a Giga Pack.


25-10-2006 04:48:08

what fw is it?


25-10-2006 10:44:39

What firmware? Do your best to get 1.5, you won't regret it.

Mines came from freepay with 2.01, I was lucky, I downgraded it to 1.5 and now I got the goods.

Haha wink playing bleach heat of the souls 3 on my psp = G.O.A.T


25-10-2006 10:59:20

what is the difference between 1.5 and 2.01?

i don't play games on my psp, but i did splurge and get a 4gb memory card for it. i transfer all the tv shows i download onto it and watch them back and forth to work - it's awesome.



25-10-2006 12:01:20

1.5 can play isos/homebrew and do other things like lread ebooks and have third party media players/itunes and so forth.

Sony fixed all the patches in 1.52 and up and you cannot do alot of things that you can do with 1.5.

Shoot me a email if you want to learn more....