Got my DS Lite/Tetris Bundle from shop.freepay

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23-10-2006 21:12:57

now the question is to keep it or return it to amazon for credit???

man i thought i really wanted this at first, because i have a psp hacked, but all the games suck except loco roco. figured a ds lite would have better games, but cartridges = expensive.



23-10-2006 21:13:54

Congrats but yeah, you would have to spend about 100 something so you can play DS roms and stuff, I didnt have the money, thats why I sold my DS Lit.


23-10-2006 21:15:22

it looks so beautiful, packaging so bright and pretty.... but alas, my logic is telling me to print the return slip, send it back, and get like a 156 dollar gift cert to amazon, and spend it on ps3 games....

unknown uchiha

23-10-2006 21:53:38

$100 for ROMs is nothing compared to $1000+ for the actual games =D


24-10-2006 05:37:51

Was this for doing offers or did you purchase it off of the FreePay Shop?


24-10-2006 05:45:58