DS Lite from 100.Free4Every1 (In the form of a Visa GC)

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unknown uchiha

21-10-2006 21:50:39

http/" alt=""/img143.imageshack.us/img="143/7529/proof100f4every1fy2.png[" alt=""/img4a393ef065]

$160 Gift Card, DS Lite was purchased but Frys refunded the order for some reason so the site owner gave me the Gift Card (The money should return on Monday/Payment be reversed). The physical GC will be sent Monday.

This was 13 referrals (Now lowered to 12) and I had 14 greens total from this site (random signups, friends, trades, etc.)

Thanks, Free4Every1!

Now I'm waiting for my second DS Lite from GiftMonkey =D


22-10-2006 11:43:47

i dont get it


22-10-2006 14:48:50

Congrats!!!Ithought the DS lites were cheaper

unknown uchiha

22-10-2006 17:13:07

I was gonna get the DS Lite but then they sent the gift card instead because the order was "cancelled" by Frys for some reason so I have to buy it myself.