Pepsi WinEveryHour XBox 360 + Forza 2 Winner!

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20-10-2006 00:43:28

So last year I won the BeFirstToPlay Pepsi Contest and got a 360 Premium, Kameo and NFSMost Wanted all almost a week before the 360 was even released! I took the opportunity to sell the 360 on eBay when the demand was high for almost $900 US.

This year I won again! XBox 360 and the new Forza 2 which comes out next year! I have a feeling they will throw in another game because they cannot deliver on Forza yet, but can't be too

Anyways, just wanted to gloat a little tonight while I'm still on the winning high! twisted


20-10-2006 04:14:55

How did you win?


20-10-2006 07:01:59

Well basically every hour they will have a draw for something, and its pretty much like a raffle where you put in by either buying Pepsi products or getting non purchase necessary pins...

both years I have won purely on non purchase necessary can only get one an hour and they expire within 24 hours...


20-10-2006 07:13:40

Canada only isn't it?


20-10-2006 07:39:06

Not sure, last year they ran a contest for Canada and one for the US...I'd assume they wouldn't shut out their largest consumer


20-10-2006 11:09:09

Yea it is only Canada

That's why I've never heard of it


20-10-2006 14:36:39

Canada eh? Finally somthing for us Canadians, will look into this a bit more.


20-10-2006 14:54:54

Aww, I remember the other contest that gave away 360's last year. I had like 120 points and didn't win. (


21-10-2006 09:17:24

congrats! )


22-10-2006 16:25:42

I had 120+ points here too and the thing is.. I didnt win and forgot to get that free stuff that came with the points.