Finally!! Received something from

Live forum:


17-10-2006 17:03:28

Well, after weeks of being given the run around by Support. I found out the owners AIM account, he does not want his personal AIM name given out, so if you have any troubles- AIM thisstuffisfree.

He sent me paypal because he could not give me an accurate date to receive my ipod. So yeah, after 3 weeks, I get the money I was promised. But I will never touch this network again.


17-10-2006 17:55:06

why did you get only 130 dollars?

i thought that it was for a 150 item...



17-10-2006 17:59:55

No Waii!
Congrats )


17-10-2006 18:08:27

To UberVash, I have no idea. But at that point was happy just to receive any sort of money.