30gig iPod Video from Trainn :)

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14-10-2006 07:27:54

Hey all, I just recieved my 30gb iPod video (white) in the mail thursday from trainn. D It's Saweet!!! Can't wait to get a new cover/case for it so it won't scratch. Its Amazing!

Thanks trainn D


14-10-2006 07:51:21

sweet! try getting an invisible shield from bestskinsever.com it's great.


14-10-2006 09:56:44

will do mate, thanks.

Im also looking to get an EvoiSkin case. Uber protection )


14-10-2006 20:50:33

Congrats, I'm requesting approval for mines now )


14-10-2006 21:14:32

[quote2364e473fc="Darvinuk"]Congrats, I'm requesting approval for mines now )[/quote2364e473fc]

Sweet man, thats awsome. Hope you approval goes very fast )

Yeah so I just ordered that full body invisible shield case for $10 shipped (paypal) from that site, bestskinever.com!!! I was surprised it took paypal so thats pretty cool.

Lol I never took my iPod out of the package yet....im waiting for a new case or the invisible shield to come..hehe! I don't want ANYthing to happen to it lol.

Btw anyone know a site that sells iPod 30gig EvoSkins, accepts paypal as payment option and ships internationally? im hoping I can just buy one at Wal-Mart or radishack since i live in Canada....I dont live near any bestbuys or future shops, infact theres none on my island lol.

unknown uchiha

14-10-2006 21:16:25

The iSkins have weak screen protectors, get scratched easily and are easy to remove. That's the one problem I have with them =P

I suggest InCase.


14-10-2006 21:21:14

kk thanks, where do I get an "InCase"?

unknown uchiha

14-10-2006 21:30:18



14-10-2006 23:32:49

those look really nice but too expensive just for a little case in my opinion


15-10-2006 08:20:19

[quote6333c9defe="AstonisheD"]those look really nice but too expensive just for a little case in my opinion[/quote6333c9defe]

yeah true, but if it's a real good case I don't mind paying extra since in the end Im better off paying like $30+ for a case rather than paying $120 or something to get my iPod fixed if the lcd breaks or something happens if its knocked against something.


15-10-2006 10:28:28

true, and i hate having my fingerprints show all over the ipod ha.


15-10-2006 11:39:25



15-10-2006 13:16:55

@tylerc - thanks

Yeah I know, I hate fingerprints when they show lol.