Unbelievable... After 2 + years... I finally got it!

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04-10-2006 16:33:56

Well I started the freeipods.com thing way back when before they implimented any of that 6 month limit bullcrap, and I started it up and completed the offer and kinda just let it sit there for a few months.

Then I started thinking, hey, maybe I can actually do this and get a free iPod. So I started searching and ended up getting 2 greens in one week, then stalled for the longest time so I just gave up again and figured I'd get back to it eventually.

Finally, when I saw that FreePay put the limit on the amount of time, I got on my horse and got the referrals ASAP. Finished it around last March with five greens, a good 2 years after opening my account. It took about 2 months to get approved, then another 4-5 months to recieve it after getting approved.

I just cannot believe I actually got it. I'm pumped right now. 8)


04-10-2006 16:45:36

Nice man. Congrats on that. D

Good thing you got to it before they expired you.


04-10-2006 17:24:17

lol it took me 6 months to find my first 5 referrals. And I thought THAT was a long time.