Free4every1 paid me today.

Live forum:


21-09-2006 18:14:18

I've been doing some no-cc sites as a pastime when I'm not working on my site recently.

The latest to pay me is I did a custom order and received $136.

Just wanted to let ya'll know.

If you insist, I will take a screenshot.


21-09-2006 18:44:19

Take a screenshot I don't believe you. lawl


08-10-2006 09:24:40

If I say I did does that count


08-10-2006 09:46:34

[quoted021d46f3f="Free4Every1LLC"]If I say I did does that count[/quoted021d46f3f]

Hm ?


08-10-2006 17:17:26

[quote2a900242c8="Free4Every1LLC"]If I say I did does that count[/quote2a900242c8]
I was just kidding, I believed him.