xbox360 from freepay! there is a god

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18-09-2006 05:11:23

wow, i never thought i'd see the day that freepay would ship my xbox360. but after complaining to them a million times, contacting the bbb, and then threatening them with legal action based on laws set by the federal trade commision protecting me, i finally got shipped. it was actually the day after i emailed the legal email to all of the gratis execs that i got an email saying i was shipped.

got last referral 4/406
approved 5/22/06
shipped 9/13/06
received 9/15/06

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now i just need my macmini from freepay, which should be arriving today! then freepay and i are done.


18-09-2006 06:31:29

Congrats! I sent emails to the Gratis Execs telling them about the FTC yesterday after reading the thread on Anything4Free. Hopefully I can get the same results!


18-09-2006 07:28:20

Can someone link the FTC thread?


18-09-2006 10:01:43

[quotea75ad930c7="tinman5"]Can someone link the FTC thread?[/quotea75ad930c7]



18-09-2006 17:23:12

WOOT!! Less than an hour after I sent that e-mail, I got a call from freepay customer service. They told me that they have ordered me an xbox 360 off of and it will be here on Wednesday! I can't believe it was that easy! I guess they are really afraid of getting complaints to the DC Attorney General and the FTC.


19-09-2006 10:29:48

Mine just shipped, without me having to email them or go through the BBB

It's so exciting, I can't wait!!! D woot


19-09-2006 12:52:57

Go freepay! I got my ds game from the DIY site ony 6 days after ordering!


22-09-2006 09:28:04

Go freepay! I got my ds game from the DIY site ony 6 days after ordering![/quote297421195e]

So it went from processing to shipped in 6 days? That is awesome!


22-09-2006 09:36:27

Holy F-ing Balls. UPS tracking Number and everything...

Status In Transit - On Time
Scheduled Delivery 09/26/2006


22-09-2006 10:53:59

Go freepay! I got my ds game from the DIY site ony 6 days after ordering![/quotec81bf4a4c9]

Woah.. so let me get this straight. Freepay's DIY site got a game to you only 6 days after you ordered? Not 6 months? Damn.. I might have to give that site a shot.