Ideal came thru...Toshiba P105

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14-09-2006 17:03:06

Just got my Toshiba Satellite P105-S6024 from Ideal.

Came this afternoon thru DHL....I was about to hug the guy but he looked pissed and like he woulda killed me or something.
The signup thread said its worth $1,400...but its only worth $1,000.

Still really excited.

Now there is 3 computers in my house...(usable non POS ones)
We first got a Dell...for a family shared comp. Then I got the laptop I'm on now, so my brother got to keep the Dell...
But now I got the new one so my old laptop...the one I'm on now goes to my kid brother(until he gets a new one then it goes to my mom, or me...), and the Dell goes to my mom....

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14-09-2006 17:07:26



14-09-2006 17:30:54

Yeah, I like it...havent taken the time to set it up yet, but I will do it later tonight or tommorow.

Was hoping for the cash, so I could buy a camera...but decided to have my mom get it for me for xmas if I don't change my mind...which I do VERY OFTEN.


15-09-2006 01:32:36

awesome bro


15-09-2006 11:32:27



16-09-2006 16:59:25

i am envious.

I tried that site, did about 10 offers, 3 of them credited. And when i was abotu to do more, my ref told me he was out.


18-09-2006 13:04:02

That sucks.

I had two refs. Thats the only reason I completed it. The following guy in the list, then someone who didn't wanna be on the list. The kid who didn't want on the list finished...the other didn't.